Curriculum Vitae


DePaul University - BS in Interactive Media

Volunteer Organizations:

Service through Leadership.

DePaul Dodgeball Society

Treasurer, Event Manager, Website Admin, Anarch, Coach
Executive Board Officer, Coach

Managed the Club’s expenses and applied for Student Activity Fee funding as Treasurer. Scheduled all home and away events as Event Manager, including: three official NCDA tournaments hosted by DePaul Dodgeball, five road tournaments, and three co-sponsored charity dodgeball events.
Continued to served the team in an advisory and developmental capacity as Coach.

DePaul Student Activity Fee Board

Club Sports Voting Representative

"Student Organizations may apply for the Student Activity Fee to help offset financial expenses to enhance the student experience at DePaul." Approved/denied these applications as board member.

Employment Experience:

Dedicated to the Craft.


Co-Owner / Highwood Curator / Beerista

a beer cafe

National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (NCDA)

President, General Coordinator, Website Admin, Design, and Development -
General Coordinator, April 2011 to April 2013
President, April 2013 to June 2015
Director of Officiating (Executive Board), June 2015 to July 2018

The chief coder, designer, and organizer for the NCDA website, brand identity, and organization's policy. The general executor for the growth and refinement of the League, as defined by the goals and decisions of the Member Teams and the Executive Board. Management of the Rulebook, the Schedule, and maintaining Records since Fall of 2010. Granted the title of President at the 2013 Captains’ Meeting, and chief author of the Bylaws of Incorporation. Stepped back from President as a result of founding Southbridge Brewery, but maintains an active membership on the Executive Board as the Director of Officiating (and Records).

VenoM Events / Vida Talandis Bon Appetit

Caterer, Waiter, Bartender
Vida Talandis, Owner - - (708) 755.7990
2004 to Present [intermittent]

Continually developing service skills while being instilled with a strong dedication to craftsmanship and presentation. Extensive experience in successfully managing and tending bar. Exceptional catering service demands innovative uses of limited resources on location.

Technical Experience:

Always improving.